The Princess Piggy story

27 Jul

Hello folks. Sorry I kind of disappeared for a while. Life and library books got in the way, along with science. I now know way more about the human digestive system than I ever wanted to know. And I’m still not done with the module yet.

So anyway, last night I looked at the desktop of the main computer shared by the whole family. We don’t often see the actual desktop, because there’s usually a word document open, or a Zillow page, or a picture someone was toying with, or a PDF file or a knitting pattern, ect.

It was a mess.

There was row upon row upon row of icons and files and folders and thumbnails and programs and documents and shortcuts and EVERYTHING. Antarctica was probably hiding in there somewhere. Our (I’m just as guilty as everyone else) default idea of a good place for a file is usually the desktop, which is what caused that mess. If we’re in a hurry, and we need to save a file somewhere where we’ll remember it and be able to find it, we put it in the desktop. But then we can usually never find it again. EVER. That hasn’t stopped us. We just say, “Save ALL the files!!!”

However, that has now been fixed. There are four rows of neatly organized icons. Two rows of programs, and one and a half rows of folders.

This caused the Middlings to be a bit surprised.




I think they were pleased. It’s hard to say.

One of the things that they found that had been right there on the desktop the whole time was Maisy’s Princess Piggy story, dictated by Maisy and typed by Mom.  I had the pleasure of being requested to read it. It’s pretty good, actually, considering that she made it up when she was about five and tended to backtrack a lot, changing her mind and changing it again, until you needed a REALLY BIG whiteboard and several colored markers to keep track of what was going on. Even so, it’s very abstract. But she’s adorable, and her story should be preserved for posterity in a form other than in a word document. You never know when a computer might crash, losing every single file for eternity. So here it is, slightly edited:


The Princess Piggy

Once upon a time there was a princess piggy. And there was a mean farmer. And she lived on a little farm and the princess used to have a mom and dad but they lost their little daughter piggy. And the princess piggy’s mom was a piggy. The princess piggy’s dad was a piggy. And the prince piggy was looking for the princess piggy for the party. and the princess piggy was at a little farm.

And there was little birds that could talk that knew what the Princess Piggy was saying, and she knew what they were saying. They were blue jays.

The Princess Piggy said, “Who are you?”

And the blue jay said, “I’m a blue jay. Do you know what my name is? My name is Kessie.”

And then the Princess Piggy said, “I need to go back to my family, to my kingdom. I have to see my mom and dad to celebrate the party so that the prince will chose which bride he wants to marry. And today is my birthday.”

And then there were two little rabbits. One was a boy, one was a girl, which was a mommy and daddy; and there were little baby rabbits, three boys, three girls, and one young baby.

And then the Princess Piggy said, “Who are you?”

“I’m Mama Rabbit,” said the mama rabbit.

And the mediumest girl said, “What’s your name?”

“I’m the Princess Pig, but I don’t have a name.”

And then the birds were from a long time ago, it was night time, and the keys were on a little handle. Then the birds opened the window with their powerful wings and then they finally got the keys off of the handle and brought them to the Mama Rabbit. And then the Mama Rabbit whispered and said, “The birds got the keys for you, Princess Piggy.”

Princess Piggy said, “Thanks.”

Then the birds put the key handle into the key hole and then the Princess Piggy was saved.

And then the birds knowed where the Princess Piggy’s castle was. And then they were flying and the Princess Piggy followed them and the little birds were flying so slowly so the Princess Piggy should walk. With her curly tail and little crown.

And then there was then forest which had lots of sleepeded. bats, which were all fast asleep. And then there was a little baby bat which woke up and then saw the Princess Piggy. Then the Princess Piggy said, “Yikes!”

Then the little bat said, “I’m nice. I know the way to your castle is.” Then it showed the way to the last shortcut. And then he saw half bit of the castle.

Then the Princess Piggy said, “Oh my goodness! I’m almost at my home!”

And then the little bad and the birds were flying slowly, and then they found the beautiful Christmas tree which was big at a normal tree. And there was little candy canes for a little snack, and little candy all over the tree. And there was a Princess Piggy angel at the top of the tree, which was outside, with all the candy. And the Princess Piggy said, “Oh my! It’s my home. It’s Christmas!”

And then the birds said, “Can we live with you, Princess Piggy?”

And the bat said, “Princess Piggy?? Are you a princess piggy?”

“Yes, I am,” said Princess Piggy.

“Can I live with you, Princess Piggy?” Said the bat.

“Yes,” said Princess Piggy.

Then birds said, “Yay!”

“And you too, little bat,” said Princess Piggy.

And the bat used his little teeth to open the gate. And the birds pushed open the gate. And then the Prince Piggy found the Princess Piggy and then the Princess Piggy was finally at home. And then the little bat flieded through the gate, and then the birds flew through the gate, and then the family of rabbits went through the gate. And the rabbits said, “Princess Piggy, can we live with you too?”

“Of course,” said Princess Piggy.

And then the Princess Piggy’s birthday on Christmas with the presents for all of her friends and family and mom and dad and pets, were eating food and having presents. And the rabbits and birds and littlest bad all had presents. And the Prince Piggy and Princess Piggy were finally in love.

The end.

Merry Christmas!!


And there you have it, folks. Maisy’s Princess Piggy story, preserved on the internet for posterity, with her permission. Let’s just hope she doesn’t regret giving it when she’s thirteen. 🙂

In other news, I listened to Owl City’s song Lonely Lullabies for the first time ever a few days ago, and I think it has broken me. It is outrageously sad and beautiful and adorable and sad. Go listen to it, but don’t hate on her, because feelings. Do a google search for the backstory, and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, the Philadelphia Adventure and my knitting are calling me, so off I go.


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