Her mother’s daughter…

22 Jun

Joshua, Benjamin and Elizabeth’s conversation over pumpkin bread:

Joshua: “D’you think people in Heaven eat manna?”

Elizabeth: “I don’t know. Maybe. Why?”

Joshua: “No reason. I was just wondering.”

Benjamin, vaguely: “What’s manna?”

Joshua: The… stuff. That rained down in the bible. It was edible.

Benjamin: “Oh, okay.”

Elizabeth: “What do you mean, ‘was edible’?”

Joshua: “It stopped raining manna.”


Joshua: “What if it rained gold?”

Elizabeth, in a matter-of-fact way: “Then people would be rich.”

Joshua: “What if it rained arkenstones?”

Benjamin, also in a matter-of-fact way: “Then people would be rich.”

Elizabeth: “What’s an arkenstone?”

Joshua: “The stone jewel thing from The Hobbit that’s worth a river of gold.”

Elizabeth: “Oh, yeah, that.”


Elizabeth: “How long of a river?”

Joshua: “What?”

Elizabeth: “How long of a river of gold is the arkenstone worth?”

Joshua: “I don’t know. A reasonably sized river, I guess. Longish.”

Elizabeth: “What if the river connected to the ocean?”

Joshua: “Then the arkenstone would be worth an ocean of gold.”

Elizabeth: “What if the river split up?”

Joshua, flabbergasted: “I don’t know. Maybe there would be two rivers of gold.”

Elizabeth: “How deep is the river?”

Joshua: “Umm…”

Then the conversation veered off to what horrible consequences would follow Benjamin tipping his chair off the ground.

I think we can safely say that Elizabeth has inherited Mom’s detail-orientated personality.



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