I’m totally fangirling

26 May

So, yeah, I kind of fell off the earth over the week. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy fangirling. We went to the library for the first time since before Christmas, so naturally there was much excitement and a rush to remember all the books you’ve been wanting to read. I finally read Gypsy Rizka by Lloyd Alexander, which is cool. I’ve had that on my list for nearly a year. Then, of course there were the three Terry Pratchett sections… You know how it goes. Speeding your way through your other books so you can reread the Johnny Maxwell books, and then Monstrous Regiment, and then Thief of Time. Thief of Time is weird, but good. And Monstrous Regiment is just brilliant all over, especially the part where Buggy the gnome drops a bag of coffee beans on Maladict. So there’s one reason for fangirling.

Then Maisy had a birthday party yesterday, and recieved Frozen. So also naturally, there has been much singing along with various songs.

The third reason for fangirling is a bit weird.

Sooooo….. A few years ago, Evelyn played a roleplay game with three other kids who were all (like her) homeschoolers with no friends and not much of a social life. It was a space travel roleplay. The thread died a couple years ago, because they were all starting or advancing through high school, and their respective parents thought they were spending a little too much time on the computer.

But the roleplay still didn’t want to die.

Evelyn and the other roleplayers still talk. Quite a lot. Hardly a day goes by when Evelyn says, “So Spock (a nickname for one of the roleplayers) and I have been talking about [random subject here]” And they write stories set in the roleplay universe, and imagine what would happen if the characters were spaceships or ponies, or come up with pairings and names for the pairings. Conversations like this usually provoke odd responses from the two boys in the little foursome.


They seem to think that if they just say “Nope”, it will all go away. But I kind of took one of the Nope-provoking ideas and ran with it, resulting in writing my first piece of fanfiction. It’s awesome. It’s stupid. But I think I did an okay job with it. And I’m kind of pleased. And I’ve got another one in the works.  Their idea is: What would happen if Evelyn’s character became very disturbed and kind of psycho about a traumatic event in her past, went nuts, and tried to kill everyone else?

So, yeah. I’ve written what we’re calling GRIMDARK Eenie, and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes over. We’ll see. Either way, it’ll go over way better than my second one is going to. So far, it’s looking like the plot is that the characters, in a desperate First Contact move, chase evil aliens back in time to 1806 or thereabouts and run around Bath in Regency garb looking for the aliens so they can get rid of them. And of course, go to the pump-rooms and the upper/lower rooms and talk about the price of muslin in the process. It’s fun, and totally stupid. I guess this is my way of letting out some excess weird that might otherwise be used in knitting armies of fezzes and TARDISes.

So, yeah, anyway, that’s my news about the past while-ish. And now it’s out there that I’m a silly fanfic-writing fangirl. But, hey. Who cares? 🙂


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