Random Book review: The Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

26 Oct

Completely random, and yes, it technically counts as five books, but try to bear with me for a few minutes of randomness.

Wool is, essentially, a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic story about the remainder of humanity’s struggle for survival in an underground silo where no one questions the destroyed, desert-like view the sensor cameras project. No one questions the why of living in a silo, where professing even the slightest wish or interest to leave gets them their wish granted, and the rest of the silo gets instead, a clear view. They get to go outside, and no one ever comes back.

My review:
I find no serious faults with it, except for Howey waiting to kill the eight(at least) doomed people, after you had gotten attached to all but those who were evil or we didn’t know well enough. Even so, with all the death, and the slight goriness in describing toxins eating away at people and other such things it is, in short, wonderfully eloquent, and very well told. I would reccomend it to anyone 13 and up, twelve if they’re a little advanced, and anyone who does not mind a large abundance of swearing, as this is definitely NOT written by a Christian author.

Also, Howey’s Bern Saga(or, “Molly Fyde” series) is quite good, and I would reccomed it for the same age ranges, 12 and up.


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