Wood, wood, and nothing but wood

23 Jun

It has been a long day, and it’s getting longer by the second. You can tell because I’m writing a blog post at twelve-thirty, and not the noon twelve thirty. Mom woke me up at eight more successfully than my alarm did two hours before, saying that today we needed to move the wood pile in the milking shed so we can get ready for the Vet to come AI a couple of the cows, one of them being mom’s evil Guernsey. Oh, joy. Then milking Brody was chaotic, because the other goats broke in, led by Josie of course. Then I got to go out and fling wood for a good 45 minutes, thankfully with half- hour breaks in between.We made good progress by the fourth time over, and we got everything we needed to out of the way! I’m just hoping now that either a) the AI-ing doesn’t work on either of the cows, or b) they both have boys, and everything will have been for naught. Of course, I’m also hoping we don’t end up with this:

That would be disastrous, to say the very least.

Then I got to read a book I started at least a year ago, and never got into partly because it bored me and partly because of the awful grammar throughout the book. But I finished it earlier, and it has a nice plot, and it ended pretty nicely. Then I got caught up in a flurry of painting, and thinking of things to send to our grandparents. I wound up thinking of the prologue of a book I’m writing, links to a few cool books(all about some form of astrophysics: Death by Black Hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson; The Physics of Star Trek-yes, Star Trek has a whole book full of logical physics things in it- by Lawrence M. Krauss; and Hyperspace by Michio Kaku), and a still-life painting of some basil and cilantro I’m growing. The last was mom’s idea. So I worked on that for a while, editing and editing some more, learning a smidge of knowledge about formatting, and painting. Then my aunt came over, we talked about various things(Now dead authors, musicals, and loud chickens.) and watched an episode of Downton Abbey.

Now all the old- er, AHEM; people older than fourteen have gone to bed, and the rest of us are puttering(random little siblings), blogging(me), and taking turns playing on dad’s old windows phone.(Boys and Elizabeth) How long are they capable of playing on that thing?? They started fifteen minutes after my aunt left at around ten fifteen-thirtyish, and now it’s 12:49, and they’re still goin’ strong! …And doing the math for how long it will take for the sun to get into our eyes. We need lives… desperately…

I must warn you, by the way, if you have little brothers or sisters or both, and you decide to start reading them a book with eight or more chapters, do not read them a book from a series of them. Two good examples are Elizabeth and the Magicians Nephew, and Bunji, Joshua, Elizabeth and Peter and the Starcatchers. The Magicians Nephew has six other books after it, but they all have a minimum of about 15 to 18 chapters. Peter and the Starcatchers has four books after it(plus a contemporary follow up the authors wrote about modern-day kids who have read the Starcatcher Series) The first book has seventy-something chapters, the last one has a two-part prologue and an epilogue, and ninety-something chapters, and the other two have a chapter count of something between the first two. Can you say exhaustingly, complicatedly, awfully, horrifyingly, without-a-doubt CHAOTIC? At least I get a break until the other three get here(Elizabeth and Joshua sweet-talked our grandparents into sending us copies)…

“You people blew each other’s planets to bits?!” Sorry. I felt the need to quote Molly Fyde for a second. For some reason it’s even funnier at one AM than it was the first time I read it. Can’t imagine why things work like that. normally things that could be pretty serious result in waves of hysterical laughter. This, for example, a quote from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

(Outside Dominion headquarters)

Garak: We have a problem.

Kira Nerys: Only one?

Garak: It’s a rather large problem. The cargo bay door is made of neutronium.

Kira Nerys: The explosives we brought aren’t even going to make a dent.

Garak: You see the problem.

Ekoor: What do we do?

Damar: I don’t know. But I’m through hiding in basements.

(Garak begins to laugh)

Damar: I fail to see what is so funny, Garak.

Garak: Well, isn’t it obvious? Here we are, ready to storm the castle, ready to sacrifice our lives in a noble effort to slay the Dominion beast in its lair… (Kira begins to laugh uncontrollably) …and we can’t even get inside the gates!

(They all laugh)

Kira: Maybe… maybe we could go up to the door and ask the Jem’Hadar to let us in.

Damar: Or just send the shapeshifter out to us.

(The group laughs even louder)

Garak: (Sobers gradually) As I said, we have a problem.

Sound like me at the moment? I also, as you can see, tend to talk, or in this case, type incessantly. This is perhaps one of my longest posts ever, scoring at over a thousand words. That is sad. A thousand and forty words with no meaning or rhyme or reason, yet passing half an hour to 45 minutes that I should have technically spent sleeping. I wonder if I still have that awful, really short short story I wrote in the chatroom of BYC before they closed it down. Strange, I believe, that same day, another member started talking to herself about her pet fork or something like that. Maybe it was a toothbrush.. Sorry, random thought, just like everything else I’ve said so far in this post. I think I’m going to shut up for now until I find another reason and the time to write a post. I suppose I could go ballistic one of these days and actually post something interesting… Not tonight though. Maybe next week, after I’m done sleeping all of this week out.


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