My Mother’s cow committed accidental suicide…

22 Jan

There’s something wrong with that. So a week ago, we had five cows; Rosy, Butter, Honey, Chunk, and Baby Moo. (her actual name is Katie, but only Evelyn ever bothers to try and remember)
Friday morning, we found Butter, dead in the middle of a field with a bloody backside.
So the Vet came out today and did an autopsy of sorts, and found that the cause of her death was her idiocy. Apparently, cows are built so that if they lay down on a downhill slope, they just can’t stand up. And Butter lay down, on a downhill slope. Her rumen (some thing that helps with the stomachs of animals with rumens) bloated, and she was dead within a couple of hours. :/

On a happier note,(hopefully. It’ll just be depressing if the head is Filthy.) On our way home from church, me Mom and Evelyn stopped at a Goodwill and found……. *Gives a signal to a marching band which produces a drum roll and some kind of fanfare* THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts crazy fangirl dancing*
It makes me very happy, especially since I watched the last of my TNG last night, and was very depressed. And anxious; almost to the point of biting my nails. As I noted in my previous post, season five ends with part one of ‘Times Arrow’ where the Enterprise is called back to Earth so some guy can show Picard and Data a tunnel perhaps a hundred feet below San Francisco that dates back to the nineteenth century. And Data’s head. Yes, I know. It sounds odd. “They found Data’s head WHERE?!?!?!” Let me tell you: The expression on that head was REALLY CREEPY. Especially the eyes. All white except for the pupils.. The best Data could figure out was that somehow, he was transported back to the nineteenth century and he died. I was sitting there going “He’s gonna DIE.” And “How can you be so dang CALM about your death??? You’re gonna DIE……..” Fortunately, when it was over, I did a wikipedia search for a synopsis on the second part, and found that he DOESN’T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! But the ’49er with Cholera dies. But the ’49er doesn’t die because of Cholera. Weird bluey-gray time traveling shape-shifter extra-terrestrial alien dead-people eaters kill a bunch of people, until an Away Team from the Enterprise that also gets transported to the nineteenth century stops them, resulting in Guinan getting hurt, Data basically getting beheaded, and Samuel Clemens ends up on the Enterprise.

I probably just told waaaaaaay too much about that episode. *hides*
Anyway, now I have more Star Trek. With tons of Tribbles, no less!

If you are one of those people that just goes straight to the end, this post was all about my mother’s dead cow and Star Trek.

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