Guess who won the prize for ‘Overall Winner’ ?

08 Oct

….. Sundance! (Ha, ha, ha.) Not really.  It was ME!! We went to Christian Skate Night on Thursday, and this time, the theme was Crazy Hat or Wig Nite. Can you guess what I wore? I’ll be nice and let you have a ‘hint’.


Hmm.. can’t imagine what it might be…. Maybe a lampshade… Not sure. Buahahahahahh. It actually looked more like the ones in these pictures:

Although more like this one than this one. ——>

The one I wore was all over with pastel, butterflies, flowers, beads, and creases. when I found it, it was completely smashed. Kinda like this:

Okay, not exactly like this, but you try doing a google image search for ‘smashed beaded lampshade’ and see what you get!


Anyway, what I won was a $5 coupon to the theater that is either behind or beside the skating rink, and I also won a small soft drink when I beat the crap out of my little brother. Uh – huh. In the end, it was just me and Bunji left in the dice game, and if the dice roller rolled evens, I would win. If he rolled odds, Bunji would’ve won, (Bunji was on 4, I was on 5) AND IT WAS AN EVEN NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW,  did you notice that I’m using about fifty-seven thousand pictures in this post?

Anyway, during the middle of a casting crowns song, me, BJ and Evelyn were talking and I took the opportunity to act like a crazy fangirl hyped up on root beer and shriek:

“I GOT TO HOLD MARK HALL’S COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *Cue the fangirly squeals and confused looks from anyone within hearing*

NOTE: When it come to Christian bands, I AM a crazy fangirl. Oh, look, it’s pic 57, 001. Add another and it would be 57,002!

Speaking of which(numbers and Christian bands) , on a rating of 1 to 5000, for how weird they are,  my brothers and sister are about at a 7890. I mean, none of them are twelve yet, and they are running around listening to the goldfish guys (Sidewalk Prophets), Leeland, and Chris august, and singing occasionally, to themselves or someone else, “Seven times seventy times…” It is WEIRD.. But pretty awesome…

Know how I want to be a writer? I figure that I’d be pretty good at murder novels. Not murder mysteries, just murder novels. Look at this alternate ending for the three little pigs:

Penny was frantic. Sarah had dashed in five minutes ago, babbling about a Mr. Reynold Woof. Penny had sent Sarah to the market for more oats, where the infamous wolf spotted her, and decided that she would make a nice lunch. Sarah was somewhat of a simpleton, so soon she was deep in conversation with the wolf, telling him all about Penny, herself, and their sister Jane, what they were like, where they lived, and even how to get to their house, all the while unaware of the danger that lay before her. Sarah soon decided to invite him to lunch, and Mr Woof’s reply was a malicious smile, and the deadly words,”I’d be delighted… TO HAVE YOU FOR LUNCH!!!!!!!!!” Sarah had then run all the way home, hoping that there she would be safe, but the wolf followed her home; they were now huddled in a corner, with the wolf standing over them, deciding which to eat first.”I believe we are taking a trip – down a wolf’s stomach.” Then she knew no more.

And because I killed off the pigs, I now have to write a story about kickbutt ninja pigs, in which everyone lives happily ever after as penance for writing such a terrible story.

Well, I’d better wrap this up. I promise that as soon as I have pictures of random hats, I will put them up.



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