Today I cleaned a basement.

21 Jun

Yes, a basement. Not my basement, my aunts basement, and let me tell you I was not pleased about the fact that I was cleaning a basement full of spiders and their webs, and the fact that a long time ago, the house was a schoolhouse, and after it was turned into a house, there was this family who lived there, and the the son murdered the dad. In that house. and there were strange things written on the basement walls, like “Am was here.” Creepy. creepy enough that when I went upstairs to see if the rain had stopped, Bunji (my brother.) asked if he could come up with me so he wouldn’t have to be down there alone. Anyway… pretty much everything else went well. It’s amazing how much dust and dirt you can get from two-to-three square feet of basement floor. And cardboard. and the sighs of “I wish I could work upstairs…..” Lumpy was allowed the privilege of working on completely random things upstairs, and she didn’t actually drive anyone into/further into insanity. Wow. Lumpy always drives everyone crazy. Hmmmmmm. Maybe it was because she had a friend to be working with? I don’t know, but at least we got something done, although not as much as we had hoped to get done, but we are going to round up a bunch of Magical Pixie Horses to be helpful, because small kids can work hard, but they get tired of working very easily. *Sigh* planning solstice parties is so complicated. There are so many problems that you run into. Weather, food, timing, place, things like that. I’ll write a post on how it all turns out.



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