Friday the 8th was the best day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Apr

Soooo… It’s been a while, and things have Happened. (Da, da daaaaaa)

Not really.

You BYCers who read Eenie’s blog will know that my uncle is coming for the summer. Well, he came a few days ago, and so while we were up in the city, we went out to dinner. We got along rather well, until we were allowed to go get ice cream or something like that. I got brownie ice cream and gummy bears. Me and Eenie did not eat them, however, until we had done organ transplants. (Muahahaha) It was quite fun. Also, each year, the town that my mom directs the homeschool co-op in does a summer musical. They were going to do Beauty and the Beast, but they aren’t. And they also aren’t doing The Music Man. The musical of musicals. It’s about a traveling salesman who sells bands. Basicly what he does is go from town to town, and says “Hey, I’ll take the young rapscallion boys of your town, and turn them into a band.” It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it, but my mom LOVES it. I know little bits of each song. “Ma-arion. The libra-rian. Madam libra-rian.” “Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Paris, France, New York or Rome! My home sweet home!” “Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge, or you are unaware of the caliber of DISASTER indicated by the presence of a pool table in your community.” And epic stuff like that. They are doing, of all things, Grease. Anyway….. Last friday, Almost to the end of Snack break at co-op, me and my friend Sarah were talking when she noticed my bracelet. It’s pink and green and silver, and a different friend made it. It says my name, and MPH Member, MPH being the club that she is president of and Sarah knows about Magical Pixie Horses(MPH), but does not know about the club. So she says, “MPH Member…. Whats MPH?”

Me: “Magical Pixie Horse.”

Her: “Oh! And whats with the ‘Member’?”

Me: “Well, I’m a member of the Magical Pixie Horse club-”

Her: “Theres a CLUB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Me: “Yes…”

And she marches over to Eenie , who is talking to the girl who is theoretically going to illustrate her novel like a Nazis coming to pack us all off to a concentration camp, and she says: “Eenie! How come I did not know about the Magical Pixie Horse Club?”

And that is how She became a member of the Magical Pixie Horse club.

And then after co-op, while dealing with tables, Ember’s mom (Ember is the friend who made the bracelet) brought up the subject of the Rush Of Fools and Downhere concert tour. (They’re both Christian bands). And my dear mother asked me and Eenie, with one of her Looks on her face “Do you girls want to go?” And we said “YES!!”

We went to a Casting Crowns CD signing once and had a blast. They were so dang nice!

So we searched our pockets for money, and we managed to get twenty bucks together for tickets, finished getting the church all cleaned up, and left with Ember’s family. I felt kind of guilty, because we brought a girl named Ashli to co-op for her mom, because she wasn’t feeling well. So we went to Ember’s house, ate dinner, and Ember and her older sister Mary got dressed. And believe me, if you are dressing for a Christian rock concert, and Eenie is there, helping you choose what to wear, be afraid. Be VERY afraid! Poor, poor Ember. And finally, after much skirt changing, we- Ember, Eenie, Mary, Mary’s friend Christina, and I- were off to the college that Mary  goes to, because that’s where the concert was held. We drove into the parking lot, and were about to turn into an empty parking space, and Mary stops the car. Eenie asks, “What’s wrong?” There was a tour bus in front of the parking space we were about to turn into, and there was someone from one of the bands walking away from it like he had just come out of it.

“Look! Band Guy!” Mary squeaks. Oh, great galumphing girraffes. She can be such a fangirl sometimes. No offence, Mary, if you ever stumble across this blog. 😀 So we parked, and went in to buy our tickets, and found out that the ten-dollar tickets were for the people who had reserved tickets, so we had to pay thirteen dollars, and Ember was really awesome, and gave me 2 bucks, since I had 11, and she insisted that I didn’t have to pay her back, but I am thinking of ways that I can pay her back in ways that is not money. Anyway. We went into the auditorium, and found seats, talked, and maybe other stuff, (I don’t remember) And hen some guy came onto the stage, and talked how happy he was everyone could make it millions of thankyous to a bunch of random places, likePizza Hut, Mc Donalds, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then there was this mega-super-looper-loud burst of music, and the Rush Of Fools guys came on the stage, said hello, and started playing. Through all of this I was huddled with the hood of my sweater on, and my hands clamped over my ears in excruciating pain. You could not have gotten my hands off of my ears with a truckload of chocolate. Chocolate+me =Craziness.

 Then Mary suggested moving back to the auditorium, because it might be quieter. So Ember, Eenie and I moved back to the back of the auditorium, and stayed there for a bit and a half. Then Eenie moved back to the front, because she couldn’t see.

 Ember stayed with me, though, until some completly, crazily, epically, awesomely awesome person came to the rescue with a pair of earplugs. Looking back, we think he was one of the band managers or something.

 With that problem solved, I moved back down to where Mary, Christina, and Eenie were standing with Ember. After that, I enjoyed the rest of the show, even though I didn’t hear much of ROF. That’s why I liked DownHere better. I’ll have to listen to some of the ROF music on YouTube later. 🙂

And I think the DownHere pianist and lead singer would make better comedians then the ROF People would, although, there was one thing they said that was just hysterical. The lead singer was talking between songs about how glad he was everyone could come, because there were so many other things that we could be doing on  Friday night, (In a large town, small city, as I think of that town) and everyone laughed, and he wasn’t even trying to make a joke, and he said,”Well, you guys have got a walmart, right?” No. “At least you have a Sonic drive-in?” Yes, we have one of those.

My favorite DownHere song was How Many Kings, which is like a Christmas song that isn’t. 😛 Does that make any sense?

Anyway, after we got back to Ember’s house, we were all talking a million miles an hour, telling Ember’s mom about everything. Then our mom came and picked us up, and we went home and crashed.

There, it’s finally all typed out, my longest post yet, and hopefully I haven’t droned on for too long… anyway, Goodnight, All!

BTW, Spock, Are you stalking this blog? I don’t mind if you are. Eenie told me you Stalk her blog….


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